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GSM Reception Signal Level

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In the eWON Modem Page, you can view the Reception Signal Level with a number from 0 to 99.GSMSignalLevel.png 


GSM Signal Level
signal level Power reception  
0 -113 dBm No reception
1 -111 dBm  
2 -109 dBm  
3 -107 dBm  
...   x ...   -113 + (2*x) dBm  
30 -53 dBm  
31 -51 dBm Maximum reception
99 not known or
not detectable

We recommend a Level of minimum 18 for a good communication.
Under 18, the communication will work but with some errors, so some packets will be repeated and the overall throughput will decrease.

A signal level of 99 is displayed, when eWON did not yet receive the signal level information from it's modem.

Note concerning the signal level on UMTS/HSUPA networks: 
HSDPA network emits with a lower power, so it is normal to have a lower signal level indicated on the eWON. On UMTS or HSUPA networks even a low signal level of 5 will work.