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Talk2M Mail and SMS relay

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The Talk2M eMail/SMS relay helps you send e-mail and SMS text messages from any eWON connected to Talk2M. 

The eMail and text message (SMS) relay function using Talk2M is supported by an eWON TV Hands-on video (VID-009). Additional features are adressed in this WIKI page. A table with links to all relevant documents is located at the bottom of the present page.


  • It is not necessary to know the SMTP-server of the local Internet connection which enables you to use the same settings in all your eWONs.
  • No need to have an eWON with wireless modem to send out text messages (SMS) 
  • For eWONs having a wireless modem, the action of sending out an SMS does not interrupt the Internet connection.

Refer to following document for configuration explications:
KB-0046-0-EN (Email and SMS Relay using Talk2M).pdf
Please note that your eWON must run firmware 6.4s3 in order to use the relay.
The relay function is available to all Talk2M accounts.  

Do I need to establish a Talk2M VPN connection to use the Mail and SMS Relay?
No. It it is also possible to use the Mail & SMS relay server without establishing a VPN connection to the Talk2M server.

However, if your eWON allows VPN connection, we recommend to use a Talk2M connection to send out emails and SMS. Using a Talk2M connection will have several benefits like:
    - allows sending emails and SMS through a Proxy server
    - no risk that the access to the SMTP server is blocked by the local Internet connection
    - greater security due to the VPN encryption

Explication on how to use the Mail and SMS relay without using a Talk2M VPN connection can be found here: KB-0045-0-EN-(eWON Email and SMS Relay).pdf 


Email Relay Using Talk2M - Hands on video VID-009-0-EN (Email Relay)
Email & SMS Relay KB-0045-0-EN (Email & SMS Relay)  
Email & SMS Relay Using Talk2M KB-0046-0-EN (Email & SMS Relay using Talk2M)  
Talk2M Pro - eWON Configuration AUG-025-0-EN (Talk2MPro - eWON configuration)
Talk2M Pro - Connection AUG-026-0-EN (Talk2M Pro - Connection)
Talk2M Pro - Account Configuration AUG-028-0-EN (Talk2MPro - Account Configuration)