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eWON Firmware

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The eWON firmware is in constant evolution. (Firmware release notes: release.txt)
To take advantage of new features and solved problems, you may need to upgrade the firmware of your eWON.

There exists 2 different methods to upgrade the eWON firmware:

  • Using eBuddy, the eWON software companion 
  • A manual FTP download of the firmware

The easiest is to use eBuddy.

Note: Even if the upgrade process doesn't erase any configuration/data of the eWON, it's always recommended to make a backup before. Just use the Backup/Restore Application wizard in eBuddy to make a backup of your eWON configuration and application.

Upgrade with eBuddy

eBuddy allows you to update your eWONs with the latest firmware versions that are available for download from the eWON web site.
eBuddy downloads the firmwares and it stores them in a folder on the local machine.

Hands-on video: Updating eWON's firmware using eBuddy 

1) Get the latest firmware form the eWON web site

To download the latest eWON firmware on your PC, use the Update eBuddy link (menu Tools/ Update eBuddy). Select the Internet button to download the firmwares from Internet. If there exist a newer firmware version on the eWON web site, eBuddy will then propose you the different available firmwares.

2) Update the firmware of your eWON

When you use the Update Firmware feature, eBuddy compares the firmware on the selected eWON with the latest firmwares, and it proposes to you to upgrade your eWON with one of the stored and up-to-date firmwares.
Use the Update Firmware link in the eBuddy Wizard home page to upgrade the firmware of your eWON. Click on the link to launch the wizard:

Select an eWON, either by entering directly its IP address or by choosing it in the Select an eWON dialog box;
enter the login and password for the eWON, then click on Next in the Update Firmware Wizard.


Select the firmware Language and Version you want to apply, then click Next.


The new firmware is uploaded to the selected eWON.


when upload is complete, the following dialog box appears.
Please DO NOT power OFF the eWON during the firmware update process, or this could lead to make it unusable.


Click on the Finish Button when the upgrade is complete and exit from the Wizard.



Upgrade manually by FTP

You can also upgrade your eWON manually by copying the rigth file to the rigth place.

  1. Retrieve the eWON firmware from our Firmwares repository. In the "Filename compliant to" select box choose the "FTP upgrade" option.
  2. Save the the ewonfwr.edf file on your PC.
  3. Use your favorite FTPClient to connect to your eWON.
  4. Drop the ewonfwr.edf file on the root directory of the eWON.
  5. Close the FTP connection. It's only at this moment that the eWON will start the firmware upgrade process.
    From this moment, the eWON User Led will blink in RED
    DO NOT POWER OFF THE eWON UNTIL THE END OF THE UPGRADE PROCESS otherwise the eWON will be lost and must return to factory for repair.
  6. After 1 to 2 minutes (depending of the eWON type), the eWON will reboot itself and you are ready to work with it.


Firmware Downgrade 

You need to distinguish 2 different types of firmware downgrade:

A) Downgrade to a lower service release but on the same firmware version.
For example from 5.0s7 to 5.0s4. This can be done using eBuddy or a manual FTP upload as explained here above. eWON should in normal circumstances keep all the configuration. But to play on the save side best take a backup first of your eWON.

B) Downgrade to a lower firmware version
For example from 5.6s3 to 5.4s0. This cannot be done using eBuddy. eWON will not accept the older firmware. A special downgrade operation must be applied as explained in the eWON General Reference Guide (Chapter 9.4, Downgrade firmware). Note: During this downgrade procedure eWON will reset to factory settings.